Make innovative & quality products and offer an excellent service.

Create a good working environment, with respect and opportunities for every employee.

Become a leader in ecology and sustainable development.

Respect our own style: simplicity, nature, back to essentials.

Combine high-tech manufacturing with creative and artisanal techniques.

A long-term vision is possible thanks to our family shareholders.

Profit is needed but is not our sole drive.

Communicate our values.


  1. 43+ years of experience in textile business.
  2. Strong team of designers, close cooperation with chemicals suppliers give possibilities to develop new assortment and new finishing methods according to customers’ needs.
  3. Buffer stocks for basic fabrics for especially quick orders.
  4. Professional and motivated team ready to consult when choosing what to purchase from our collection.
  5. Wide choice of fabrics and additional finishing.
  6. Own quality laboratory.
  7. Quick preparation and shipment of samples: lab dips, color cards, master samples, fabrics hangers and albums.
  8. Possibilities to have exclusivity for designs.
  9. Preparation of certificates and technical documentation.
  10. Since 2011 "Linen Laura" has been working according to universally accepted quality requirements standards.